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Journey to the West ( TV series) with english subtitle episode 1. yes grew up watching this in africa and. The Crazy and Must See Trailer of JOURNEY TO THE WEST! Official Page The Monkey King was a tiny. The following is a list of characters in the Chinese classical novel Journey to the West, .. Many years later, Sun Wukong returns, defeats the demon king and takes back the cave. . The other three are the Intelligent Stone Monkey (靈明石猴), Red Bottomed Horse Monkey (赤尻馬猴) and Long Armed Ape Monkey (通臂猿猴). The Monkey King who was born from a magic stone, has been imprisoned underneath a mountain for five centuries for his mischief in the heavens. Then one day, as he walked back from his chores in the orchard, the Patriarch came up to him. As their names suggest, their true forms are a tiger, an elk and an antelope respectively. Sun Wukong competes with them in a contest of magic powers and lures them into meeting their respective ends: If you continue without changing your settings, we'll assume that you are happy to receive all cookies on the BBC website. They can also fly, as they do while performing their main job, which is to bring rain.

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Will you never be satisfied? Die Geschichte ist eine der wichtigsten Erzählungen Chinas und weit über die Grenzen des Landes hinaus bekannt. The rod, which weighs 17, pounds, was originally a pillar supporting the undersea palace of the Dragon King of the East Sea , but he was able to pull it out of its support and can swing it with ease. Creation myth Godly world concepts Astrology Dragons Shenmo fiction Gods and immortals Tian Pangu Ghosts. Tell me, what branch of the Way do you wish to learn from me?

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Hear the Names All special features are at www. Anything you want to teach me is fine. Through force or deception, a motley of demons and evil spirits come after the monk. After gaining both immortality and magic powers, Monkey challenges Heaven itself. One of those projects is this website, and I've listed the features I'm planning to include in this website. After eating so many of my Pills of Immortality, his body must be as hard as a diamond. They might be sent to Heaven to receive official posts, or to the Buddhist Western Paradise, or to Mount Kunlun, home of the Taoist Immortals. With the combination of his mischievous nature and great powers, he created chaos both in heaven and the underworld. Monkey is the most popular figure in all Chinese literature, loved for centuries by young people and adults alike. Yama led him into the Hall of Darkness, where a clerk dragged out several musty volumes. BBC News News navigation Sections.

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